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Louisiana Gamefowls  is a registered gamefowl breeder
at Bureau of Animal Industry, Philippines under certificate number
1076 dated May 1999. We have two satellite locations our breeding
is at central Manila and the range is situated at 50 acres of forest
on mountain side of Infanta Quezon- the eastern side of Luzon.

Louisiana Gamefowls is a small scale breeding farm, all breedings
are done in "single pen mating." We are not in commercial breeding,
although some stocks are sold to serious cockers to augment our
farm operation and maintenance. click to see available stocks.

Our stocks are reared using the latest revolutionary technology in
probiotic system combined with the traditional vaccination program.

Most of our brood stocks were imported direct from U.S.A. and
were personally hand picked after carefull selection and sparring.
These bloodlines have been fought and tested in major competitions
throughout the U.S.A. by the source farms. Other bloodlines were
later acquired locally from the farm of Boyet Plaza III, Teddy
Tanchanco and Tiny Maneses.

Louisiana Gamefowls maintains only a modest number of quality
battle readied cocks and if have a chance competes in the national
and international derbies.

Junior & Willie S. Pineda - the owner and breeder 
B l o o d l i n e s

DocRobinson Hatch
Cardinal Club Kelso
Yellow Leg Hatch
Lacy Roundhead
Cecil Davis Kelso
Sweater Grey
Rampuri Asil
JW Fowls-our strain

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Manila address (click to see sketch) : 2098 Road 9 NDC Compound, Sta. Mesa Manila, Philippines 1016
Tel.no. (0632) 714-9176     CP no. 0906 223-4511   Pls. text your email address and we'll get back to you, no text inquiry please !.

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